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There are multiple ways to volunteer with the Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line. If you are interested in volunteering, please email sassl@rsuonline.ca.

Phone Line Volunteer

Our phone line volunteers are the most obvious volunteer opportunity – but it is not the only opportunity. Our phone line volunteers are expected to go through multiple training sessions before working on the line. We will also provide regular debriefs, check-ins and simulations to make sure that our phone line volunteers are supported and practicing self-care.

Street Team

If you are interested in helping advertise the line through tabling, postering, social media, blog writing or anything that involves outreach this is the volunteer opportunity for you.

Research & Intake Team

We are looking for students who are interested in compiling research and reviewing intake data to make recommendations for phone operations and policy, advocacy initiatives and lobbying for better services.

Equity Statement

As a part of the Ryerson Students’ Union, the Centre for Women & Trans People abides by anti-oppressive standards to ensure safe(r) environments and working conditions for all. Interested volunteers must be open-minded and willing to explore their biases and privilege(s). We encourage inquiries from women, gay and/or queer, trans, disabled, Indigenous and/or racialized identified people and are committed to making our volunteer opportunities as accessible as possible.